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20x Precision tips for Super Glue Bottles


Regular Price: 2,70

Special Price 2,16

Set contains
20x Precision tips for Super Glue Bottles

Product Code: GSW225
Interchangeable Precision Tips for Cyanoacrylate Glue bottles

Set of 20x precision tips will allow you to dose the cyanoacrylate glue in controlled quantities while protecting the original nozzle of the CA bottle. After attaching a precision tip you can leave the tip in position without having to close the glue bottle for weeks as air will not be able to enter through the precision tip thus favoring its conservation.

Glue tips need to be fitted tight on your glue bottles. Press the glue tip on with some pressure, so that it seats very tightly. Most of Cyanoacrylate Adhesive bottles will accept these tips, but to be 100% sure, use ours.

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