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Waterslide Decals - Hex Desert Camo


Regular Price: 9,50

Special Price 7,13

Set contains
Two sheets of full colour opaque high-detailed waterslide decals.

Product Code: GSW132

Waterslide decals designed to decorate models. Decals have to be applied with water, no solvent required. You can also use some GSW Decal Softener and GSW Decal Fixer solutions to improve and protect the finish on uneven or rough surfaces.


1.- Cut the decal out as close as you can to the outer edge of the image. For better results, use a brand new blade in your cutter.

2.- Pick the decal up with your tweezers and let your decal soak in water for about 20 seconds. Warm water may help with this process.

3.- Use a paintbrush to gently push the decal off the sheet and onto the model. That's all folks!

one sheet: 148 x 210mm (A5)

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