Brushes COMBO x5 Synthetic

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Set contains

Set of 5 brushes with synthetic hair.

2x Detail Brush #2/0

1x StandardDetail Brush #0

1x Standard Brush #1

1x Large Brush #3


Hand-crafted brushes designed to paint miniatures to a high standard.

Synthetic hair brushes are suitable for less experienced painters or techniques that require less watered down medium, like dry brushing. Great for a single stroke techniques, and any other technique that requires charging slightly diluted paint. Synthetic brushes work worse in a more dilute medium. For this task, use natural hair brushes kolinsky variety.

Brushes require low maintenance to keep the shape of the tips compared to natural hair brushes. They are absorbing less water and paint so it is NOT recommend for washing, blending, layering, and degrading techniques.

Form bristles into a point after using them and do not let dry paint residues between the bristles. After painting, put brushes upside down to avoid the deformation of the tips.


Length of the tips:

#2/0: 5 mm

#0: 7mm

#1: 8mm

#3: 12 mm

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