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Chameleon Acrylic Paint Set 2


Regular Price: 22,00

Special Price 17,60

Set contains
Six 17ml bottles of Acrylic COLORSHIFT Chameleon paints (1x MYSTIC GOLD 1553, 1x TROPICAL GREEN 1556, 1x STORM SURGE GREEN 1554, 1x EMERALD GETAWAY 1609, 1x RED GOBLIN 1608, 1x MARTIAN GREEN 1607).

Product Code: GSW016

Chameleon paints create a colorshift visual effect depending on the viewing angle. 

Chameleon paints can be aplied by brush and airbrush but the best results will apear by using airbrush.

Made without animal products, non-edible, non-toxic waterbased paint, non-flameable, no latex.V.

Uses: Shake before use for an optimal pigment mixture. For best results apply over BLACK basecoat (preferably gloss one). Chameleon Paint could also be applied over other basecoat colours to achieve different colorshift effects. Paint very very light coats till maximum colour shows up and basecoat is no longer visible. Each coat should be dried before applying the next coat. Use varnish only when paint is totally dried. 

Note: This paint has a totally normal whitish appearance. Depending on the shape and size of the object on which the paint is applied, the chameleon effect will be better appreciated. We recommend its use on curved surfaces, it will reflect light better than flat surfaces. If the surface is very small, the effect may not be appreciated, it will always depend on how the light strikes.

Warning: Long exposure to temperatures below -10 ° C could freeze the paints with unpredictable results.

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