GREEN SERIES Flat Synthetic Brush Size 1

Set contains

Set of 3 brushes with natural Kolinsky hair.

1x Detail Brush #2/0

1x Standard Brush #1

1x Large Brush #3

Product Code: GSW005


Hand-crafted paintbrushes designed to help you paint your armies at an exceptional standard. Made with natural animal hair of the kolinksy variety, famous for its softness and flexibility. They work best with water-based acrylic paints, especially with fine techniques such as washing, blending, layering and degrading. In general, they are recommended for any technique which requires a more diluted medium. This type of hair ensures high absorption of water and paint and excellent elasticity, making it a very technical brush. By nature, natural brushes require more care than synthetic hair brushes, as their decay may lead to a loss of firmness and broken hairs. In order for your kolinsky brushes to last longer, we recommend avoiding leaving any paint residue to dry in the bristles and shaping them and sharpening the point with Brush Repair Gel. After painting, let them stand with the bristles pointing upwards to avoid deforming the tips. We do not recommended using kolinsky brushes for oil paint, since the products required to clean the bristles after this type of paint can deteriorate the kolinsky natural hair quickly. Good maintenance of these brushes will ensure they last a long time.


Length of the tips:

#2/0: 6 m

#1: 8mm

#3: 12 mm

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