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Miniature Barbed Wire


Regular Price: 8,30

Special Price 6,64

Set contains
5 meters (16 feet) of miniature Barbed Wire

Product Code: GSW076

Simulated barbed wire or razor wire- designed to fit any scale from 15mm (1/100) to 54mm (1.35).


Cut the desired length with clippers or pliers.

Wind it around a rod of appropiate diameter according to the scale needed, to make coiled reels of barbed wire.

String between posts to make barbed wire entaglements; you can use bits of cocktail sticks or matchsticks for wooden posts, or bent wire metal posts.

As an approximate guide, waist-high post should be about half of the height of a figure in the scale you are using.


Length: 5 meters

Thickness: 0.75mm

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