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Prime Riders Squadron Configurator

Starting at: 41,92

Price as configured: 0,00

-20% from the original components price
2 sets or more 25%
Set contains
Five models of Prime Riders. Bases are not included.
Models designed to fit 32mm tabletop wargames scale as superhuman riders. Bodies and arms have slots for 3x1mm and Steed core have a slot for 5x2mm magnet on the bottom and 3x1mm magnet on the top-front part. Unit composition and the number of parts are depending on selected components. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

MK I war-steed option (excluding back equipment).

Height 41mm.

Width 28mm.

Length 80mm.

High-quality resin, parts may require reshaping in hot water.
Infantry accessories like heads, back equipment, arms, hands and shoulder pads, also other war-steed parts.

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