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Roll Maker Set XL Version


Regular Price: 16,00

Special Price 12,00

Set contains

2 large plates - XL Version

2 curved plates - XL Version

2 small plates - XL Version

2 STACKABLE guide bars. Use them to hold the plates and to get an extra 45ยบ position for new textures.

Product Code: GSW087

Roll Maker is the ultimate tool to make all kind of tubes, tentacles, and wires to be used with any kind of putty or clay.

Depending on your sculpting material you may need to wet repeatedly the plates or your fingers with bit of water to reduce stickiness. Adding talcum powder to water may help with some putties like Green Stuff.

Use a toothbrush to clear any residue from plates if required, and never use wire brushes or metal implements since plates may be damages.

Roll Maker XL will allow to make tentacles up to 75mm length without joints, and it also compatible with Roll Maker standard version, since all plates are different in size. Guide bars are now stackable to allow you to make thicker pieces such us columns or trees.


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