Rolling Pin Madness of Cthulhu


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Set contains
1x Textured rolling pin (Madness pattern)

Product Code: GSW191

Textured rolling pin capable of impressing a continuous repeated pattern on clay and putties.

Use Instructions:

1st - Properly mix the putty/clay until ready according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

2nd - Extend the putty/clay on a surface to be textured. For optimal results, make sure you have got a smooth and even surface before impressing with the Rolling Pins. *** We recommend using a plain Rolling Pin for this.

3rd - Depending on the type of putty/clay, it is advisable to wet the Rolling Pin to prevent any sticking.

4th - Slowly move the Rolling Pin applying equal pressure at all points for an even texture.

5th - Trim any excess putty/clay with a sharp knife. It is recommended to do this once it has dried to avoid any deformations in the putty/clay.


Length: 14,5 cm

Diameter: 2,5 cm

Clear PMMA plastic

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