Waterslide Decals - Laser Transparent

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Sheets: 5 per package

Product Code: GSW133
Print your own waterslide decals with this set of 5 sheets of printable decal paper. Decals are to be applied with water, no solvent required. You can also use some GSW Decal Softener and GSW Decal Fixer solutions to improve and protect the finish on uneven or rough surfaces.

Use a computer to create your artwork, because copiers and printers cannot print white, they rely on the paper itself to supply the white component in lettering and artwork. To make a decal with white lettering and/or artwork, you would start with white film decal paper.

Choose the proper type of paper according to your printer type, inkjet paper or laser paper. Remove any tissue-type sheet protector that may be present in the printable paper, and print that artwork directly onto the glossy side of the decal paper. For inkjet printing, we recommend using the "Transparency Plastic Film" (or foils) setting if your printer software supports this option. In all cases, you must immediately apply a few thin, but thorough, coats of fixative spray (either acrylic or lacquer) to seal the printed image on the decal paper that will prevent ink from smearing, washing off, cracking or chipping during application.


1.- Cut the decal out as close as you can to the outer edge of the image. For better results, use a brand new blade in your cutter.

2.- Pick the decal up with your tweezers and let your decal soak in water for about 20 seconds. Warm water may help with this process.

3.- Use a paintbrush to gently push the decal off the sheet and onto the model. That's all folks!
one sheet: Size: 210 x 270mm (A4)