Candy Ink Sapphire Blue


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Set contains
One 17ml bottle of Acrylic CANDY INK paint (Sapphire Blue 1739)

Product Code: GSW013
Candy Inks brightness and transparency allow them to be used as colour filters for modifying metals, gems, glass, lights, visors or any other parts which you want to intensify their colours. Dries fast for a gloss and smooth finish. - When applied by a brush will yield a lacquered and intense finish. It must be left to dry completely with avoidance of big cumulations of paint, as this will affect their properties. - When applied by an airbrush, the colour filters will be thinner and can be used to modify the chameleon colours and other metallic or transparent effects. *NOTE: Do not use with alcohol based thinners as it damages the paint and could clog the airbrush. The GSW thinner and airbrush cleaner are compatible with this paint.

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